Digital Spacecast

Digital Spacecast Inaugural Podcast

February 11, 2022 Austin Brunswag and Jerod Moore Season 1 Episode 1
Digital Spacecast
Digital Spacecast Inaugural Podcast
Show Notes

In this episode Austin introduces himself. We go over some of the background of our experience with Chia. Talk about hard drives and price are of course a must (not financial advice) and then we chat about Chia Cats, NFTs and projects.

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10K 800TB blueprint

Chia Earnings Sheet

Enterprise Chia Farm DIY 🌱🚜
1x Server 25U Half Rack
1X R720 W 2X2680/256gb RAM - check for lff trays
1x pair R720 rails
3x 24 bay drive shelves DS4243 w/sleds
3x 24 bay DS4243 if above sold out
3x APC rails – works for netapps
1x APC 1500RM2U UPS – for disk shelves
80 x 10TB SAS Hard Drives
8x Dell caddies
1x 9200 8e HBA
1x QSFP to 8088

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Do your own research to make informed decisions about how you mine, farm, invest in and/or trade cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

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