Digital Spacecast - Chia News Weekly

Digital Spacecast EP2 - Marmotverse, NFT and the Fo0d

February 14, 2022 Jerod Moore and Austin Braunswag Season 1 Episode 2
Digital Spacecast - Chia News Weekly
Digital Spacecast EP2 - Marmotverse, NFT and the Fo0d
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Austin and Me got a to host the ever energetic Fo0d from the Space Marmot Team this weekend and WAS IT A BLAST? YES! There are a lot of great things here so here is are Valentines gift to you πŸ’šthanks for tuning in!

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All right, everybody. Today we are joined with our first guest on the digital space cast. This is the food. The food, if you're not aware, has been behind the awesome wine and also the entire space market project that's going on out there. The first and arguably the biggest cat project to hit the Chia NFT sphere to date. So food, why don't you take a moment? Get us up to speed. Tell everybody who you are in case they haven't met you before. Yeah. So I'm just one of the unsophisticated guys from the Space Marmots team that we're kind of just doing our little NFT project and showing the real capability of the Chia Blockchain and really excited about some of the things we have coming up. We're going to be releasing a little bit of an updated website here shortly. And we also got some artwork that we're going to be releasing more of a of an updated gallery. We have some prototypes out right now, but they're not really finished pieces, so we've got some more original artwork to come out. And yeah, we're doing a lot of fun things with the technology just making sure it all works and, you know, things like that. And in case people don't know where they can find out, can you tell people where they can find out more about your project? I think you guys have a discord. That's pretty bumpin. You also have that website you want to give out. Yeah. So my first audio and that's our website and then you can just join the discord through there. We have a lot of information Like I said, definitely want to check back. I don't even know when this is going to release, but assuming we may have or may not have already released the website when this comes out, so excited for that announcement of announcement. I guess, like we love doing that. And so that's called using and yeah, we're it's called I try not to tease too much. I mean, we have more a lot more concrete stuff coming out. Like I know you wanted to know kind of more of the the, you know, the basics of like ownership and how you can use your NFT and stuff. So we're going to clear that up coming up shortly. We've been talking to, you know, people who know more about that kind of stuff. So we know more about what we can offer you guys now, which is great. Yeah. Like, we're really we're really listening to the community. We're trying to, you know, go with the Chia Standard and, you know, stick to that high standard of transparency and just making sure that everybody knows what we're doing. Like, that's like, you know, a thing that Chia has set for themselves. So we plan on sticking to that. We're we are kind of working with Chia right now to figure out how this is all going to work because, you know, we are one of the larger projects that and, you know, like it's I know like we've kind of had a little bit of a crazy ride, but, you know, it's best if we all work together and we're not here to hurt anybody. We're not here to, you know, cause the blockchain to stress or make the DB file grow exponentially because it really won't like we've done a lot of work. Like, we just want to make sure that everybody knows that, like, you know, where we are sophisticated team, you know, even though people like to poke jabs at us or whatever, we're we work hard and we we take pride in this is going to be a really good project. Definitely lots of fun things coming up. So check us out. Very cool. So kind of taking a step back. What inspired you to, I guess, embark on this space moment verse project thing? So it actually started off as a joke. I like Marmots have kind of been an inside joke with Chia for a while now. So that's kind of where it started we were kind of poking fun at some other, you know, things that were going on in the space, and it was pretty much a joke that just kind of turned one thing led to another. I was like, you know what I know somebody that would be great at doing this project. Like art wise, like I had the perfect artist for this project. And then Chris comes up to me, he's like, Well, why don't we put this on the chain? And I was like, So like Cryptopunks. And he was like, exactly like Cryptopunks. Like, we're going to mirror that kind of to a T, but like, I didn't even really understand what I was getting myself into until we actually did the, like one of the tests that we did. Like the actual, like the first moment that we got on to TestNet and like just seeing it, it was absolutely outstanding. Like, that is when I realized like what we actually had here as a project like, wow, this is real. Because like if you look at it pixel four pixel, it is like it shows the power of the Chia Blockchain and what it can actually do because I mean, you could not do our project on any other blockchain period. Like just the scope of artwork and the quality of the artwork is absolutely crazy. And we have some things that we've been working on that we have not announced yet that actually take this like beyond, beyond what you could even think. Like, I'm so excited for some of the things that we have planned coming up here in the next little while. So. Well, I think you've got to admit, though, you probably could do this on some other chains, right? I mean, like our weave is built for invitees. It is a blockchain. Yes, you can. You can do this on other chains. But like, I mean, we're talking going from like Nintendo graphics, like any. Yes. To like PlayStation two. Like that is the difference of the Chia Blockchain comparatively to all these other blockchains. Yeah. You can you know, you can put pixels on a blockchain, not a big deal. Right. But we're like we're putting actual real, like images like so these are going to be the full fidelity that we've seen so far is what you're telling us, right? Full fidelity, yeah. We've got it down pat. Like we don't know the exact number that we're going to be able to get, like the exact resolution, but it's good enough that it's a lot it's a lot better than anything anybody's ever seen before in crypto, period. It's really going to take it really shows the power of Chia and what you can do and why Chia is is such like an amazing future blockchain, because I don't think that you could do things like carbon credits on any other blockchain, considering the imagery that you would actually need to do that, you couldn't do it anywhere else. So like we got a real winner here and we're kind of showing that off on a more general mass scale. But like you got to understand that in the background, these things are going on and they're probably doing things. I mean, like I was like kind of reading into the whole World Bank project because this actually does fit in with what we're doing because that is going to be an NFT project as well. From what I understand it's like satellite imagery and stuff like that. So you're talking about NFTS and you're talking about putting them on L2 that essentially are going to talk with all the other, you know, data layers or whatnot. So it's it's crazy that we're able to do this stuff for like just people to see like everyday people to see. Because on the end, at the end of the day, you might not get to see the carbon warehouse or whatever, like you might not even understand what it is, but like once you see what we're doing, then maybe it might be a little bit more clear, right? Because it's crazy the, the quality and the like. I was just like amazed at the like the resolution of even just our test because you got to understand, this is nothing is finalized yet. We we still are up in the air on kind of how things are going to go. So it's a work in progress, but it's absolutely outstanding to see. And so it's a work in progress because the NFT standard has not come out yet. Right. Got it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're not releasing until the NFT standard comes out, correct? Yeah. We're being fair. Like there's obviously things that we can do. We've tested it out. We know it works. But like at the end of the day, we're working with Tia, right? Like we're not here to where we couldn't do this on any other blockchain. We need them. They're our best friends in this endeavor. And like I said, we're not here to hurt. Like, we know the risks. We know that probably cannot be replicated in large scale and stuff like that. We've gone over all of these things. We understand it's really just to do it, just to say that we did it. And I mean, that's what it is sometimes. I guess let's suppose that the NFT standard comes out and it says explicitly, Do not put imagery on the blockchain. Then what can't say? All right, all right. But you do have plans, right? You do have a plan like this. Put it this way, I don't see that being a possibility. There's realistically no way of doing that. But if they ever wanted to, we I mean, if you wanted to adhere to the standard or something, you know, if you want to adhere to this. Yeah, we're like we want to adhere to the standard. We want to make sure that it can be done properly. And we want to make sure that it's up to the standards to like maybe they want to show off what their blockchain can do and actually open up the size of the blocks and whatnot. Like we're here, like, okay, maybe this one, we're going to toss on L1, but there's always options for layer twos and stuff like that. Like we're building technology as well. So I know you guys kind of see all the artwork and all of the front end stuff, but on the back end, we're building a lot of tools we're going to be opening or like open sourcing all of our tools well, so well, I mean, I'm sure the ones that we can open source, I'm not 100% sure how that's going to work because we are going to eventually be working with GSA. So they might not want certain things like, I don't know, it's all up in the air. This is like something that I just kind of started on a whim, right? So it's trial by fire in the NFT space, right? Especially a project of this scale. It's nothing compared like comparative to any other project. I would love to hear about the team in more detail because I know that this is a pretty big project. You know, it's, it's kind of hard to do something like this on your own. So I love to hear about, you know, who's a part of it and how it kind of came together. So, yeah, okay. So we got so I started writing for the Chia Plot actually in November and that's where I met Block Tron or Chris anyway. Anyways, so that's kind of where this kind of started. That's really where that's our team really is the team from the I don't want to really put that in the same breath, but it's the guys that I met in his discord essentially. Right? Like, I mean Hendrick and Speedman, those guys are great guys that know their shit. Too. I'm not going to say that these guys don't know what they're doing. So that's why I chose them. And then our artist is a guy named Drew. He's like a hardcore gamer he has his own, like, TV show. He's a he's a tattoo artist. He's from Bury. He's so he's kind of local because we're from Ontario. So yeah, like we just I just kind of slap the team together of guys that knew that kind of what they were doing, you know what I mean? Like, and then I'm obviously like, here you know, that lead guy that kind of put everything together. Yeah. The team, I mean, like, I don't really want to speak for the team, right? Like, I mean, like, this is just one of those things where, you know, hopefully they can speak for themselves and their work really speaks for themselves. Yeah. So it's about five people, total ish. Yeah, it's five yeah. Yeah. There's basically five of us on the team. There's Chris Speed, man, Hendrick Drew and myself. Yeah. So and so does Drew. Maybe have a website or something where people I know that his art has come out is like some really great market based art and the accessories that we're seeing. Look, really, I mean, I'm impressed by the fidelity of them. Could you possibly even give us a little bit more info on where we could? Does he have a public website or YouTube channel or any place where we can find out more about him? Oh, yeah, absolutely. You can. We'll actually watch him on TV if you want to. He's a host of Inside the Game, which is a TV show that's on a bunch of different networks, STV game, plus Rad TV, Rogers TV. There's a whole bunch of networks you can catch them on inside the game. Okay, official. It's on YouTube. Just yeah, he's all over the place. He's he's a variety streamer and he does reviews, right? So that's what inside the game is. It's okay. It's a gaming review show and they do a lot of like testing and they do you know, reviews, they do tips, tricks. I I'm thinking that he's also starting a thing where he's going to be a caster for like an e-sports on STV. So you can check him out there as well. He's doing his own thing there. But yeah, Drew is just a great guy. He's got a lot going on. So if you want to check him out, that's where you would do that. And then the rest of us you can find over basically hanging out around the Chia plot discord. Did you know his Twitter by chance? So that people listening in might be. Yeah, it's his tool. It's his full name, it's Drew. So Lei. Oh, my God. I put your his last name. But yeah, sorry about that. I put you on the spot there with that one. Put it down there at the bottom. Okay. I've known him for a little while. I can never say his last name. So it's one of those things yeah. I have to put it down at the bottom for you because. Yeah, it's his full name just on Twitter. So do you guys have an idea yet? On the number of accessories or how many different variety of mah moto we're going to get just in the ESIM. One. I know that we've got the second release coming up here, but just in the ASM one, what is that looking like as far as the accessory side? So we're looking at 2100 total we're looking at the 300 as one presales comments, and then we got about another. So well, I got to do my math here. So there's 18, so there should be about 1800 regular and then there should be 200 or so limited editions, 300 limited edition ones that'll kind of all fit together students with quick math. Yeah. So be 1800 regular and then 300 like limited edition kind of ones and then yeah. So we'll be doing that whenever the mint day comes. We're pretty much good to go. Like I said, we got some artwork that we're going to be releasing soon, so we've come a long way. Like Drew is ahead way ahead of schedule on the artwork. We've just kind of been holding back, you know, you don't want to show all your cards too soon, but yeah, it's going to be great. We got some really good things coming up for that too. So that's going to be like common Rare's legendaries there'll be, you know, some that have weapons, some that don't have weapons. We got chains, we got some hats. Some pretty cool hats, actually. Yeah, we got like there's backgrounds. I forget exactly how many things we're fixing up, but yeah, there's a few different variety colors yeah. It's, there's a lot. And we're doing a lot of it with tools and stuff too, right? So they're all going to be generated it's it's pretty neat how they do all this stuff. Austin, do you have more questions? So I know that there's about six that haven't been claimed yet, and I think I've poked you about this question in the past but I'm just curious when or how do you plan on releasing these last six tokens? Well, I think we've come to a point where I might as well just come out and say, if we're going to give them away, how we're getting how we're going to give them away, we don't know yet. We want to do it the best way that we can. We want to include as many people as we can into that. And we also want to bring people into the project as well, too. So we want to get the word out there a little bit. So not exactly 100% sure how we're going to do it, but I'm pretty positive that we're going to be giving them away. So you can look, here's a cool thing, some contests and some other things coming up here. Here's a cool thing. Talk about a little bit the level of penetration. So I've been working and looking outside. The key is fear NFTS in general, the ability and capability of a individual team to get an NFT up and running for like zero cost is impressive in the ecosphere. I mean, it is very low cost and there are people that are now starting their own projects that are from outside the ecosphere in the Chia Cats ecosphere. Why don't you talk a little bit about some of the draw in that you see and maybe that ties in a little bit to this giveaway that you're even talking about. That'd be really cool. Yeah. So yeah, well, that's the thing is like we want to get like people from outside of the community involved and we have been our, our discord is probably one of the most sporadic discord that you can find in Chia. It has a lot of people from outside the sphere. It has a lot of people that we've brought in, a lot of people from NFT, other NFT projects that we're a part of and that we kind of, you know, dealt with. A lot of our friends are into NFT like NFT use are massive, right? So once you start talking about NFTS, you start getting a lot of people that maybe not even in the really crypto but through NFTS, right? So it's a different community in itself. And that's what we're kind of drawing from. But yeah, I forgot, there is one other thing that I wanted to say and it just totally frickin slipped my mind, so maybe you should ask me some more questions and I'll remember what I was going to say. Why don't you ask him some more questions? Oh, actually I remember what I wanted to say. You guys were talking about Price and doing it for free and yes, you can do it for very cheap on Chia. That's one of the draws actually, is the fact that there's no fees. And I know I've got to say that you do that, but however, I had this insider us, it's not free right now. There's fees right now because of the ongoing mempool size. If you haven't seen it, it's been going on for a couple of days here. I had to send some fees to get something to go through today. I was like, holy shit man. There's fees now. Yeah. And our project is bound to fees too. So if anybody, that might be a, maybe a thing people might not be interested in. I should warn you, fair warning right away that like, our project is not fee free there's fees involved. That's why, like, we have to kind of have our price set the way that it is because it does costs like for us to do it. We're essentially taking up entire blocks of transactions. And in order to do that efficiently, it requires even the bare minimum. But I mean, you're looking at probably more as the time goes on a lot more, right? So it's going to be this is probably the cheapest it's ever going to be. And I have actually found out recently, I don't think we're the only ones that have done this. So it's going to be a little bit of a race for. Yeah, for fees. That's the biggest thing for us is fees. So how much does it cost you if you wouldn't mind sharing that information in terms of how to put these on chain? Like, do you have access to that information? I'm not 100% sure right now because we don't know and things could change. I mean, it's definitely not free, let's put it that way. We're looking at bare minimum fees right now, but that could change overnight. If there is a fee market for Chia, then we could be looking at more. So yeah, it's a lot. And then so there's been some back and forth and this is a bit more of a more technical question, but I think I think it was Jean that was talking about this that it could potentially cost money to transfer like a like a market NFT from one person to another. Tell us about that. Like, is it going to cost a lot because it's a huge coin or I think the project, the scope of the project, we're kind of building our project for Maxis. I'll be completely honest with you, you're going to need Chia, but like we don't know exactly how it's going to go until we actually do it. That's part of the reason why we're doing it. We kind of want to see yeah. Yeah, we want to see how it scales, right? So we don't really know. We've only put like one or two on the blockchain. We have no idea what it's going to do. We don't know how it's going to work. Everybody that kind of joins our project is going to just be along for the ride. Like I've done a lot of math. I can work numbers, but like, who knows? You don't know. And like, yeah, like it's all speculative if, right? Like, yeah, I wish I knew more because like, but yeah, like, eventually this could get costly. It's not going to be your, you know, this is a very premium product. Are you asking anybody to send you one? Do you want one? Do you want me to buy, you know, like I'm getting one I'm okay. I'm getting 00000. Fair enough. Yeah. I think when you guys said you were trading in them, I was like, that's different than let's put it this way. Like, I'm getting one. It's going to be priceless because I will never trade it. Yeah, I would seriously frame it. Frame it's bits like ones on it's on the wall just for that's just for the sake like I get 00000. Like, it's not even going to have a no. So yeah, I'm really excited for that. Andrew, you are getting the first two that we're going to put on like the first official ones, right? So I'm excited. Yes, we are going to be owning them just because like I mean, I did this project for myself like this whole project is just me wanting to do this for me and then eventually realizing that, oh fuck, I can't like even trade in my own project even though I wish I could more than anybody. Like, honestly, if I could, I would just take Drew first time and take all the fucking artwork because it's great it's so good. But it's a lot of work that these guys are putting in to do this. So just having one, I mean, is purchasing artwork for an NFT project owning it as a company and then selling it. That is one way you can go for an NFT project, but it's not cheap. You need to pay usually a pretty hefty fee, a pretty hefty fee. To get that assignment of all intellectual property from an artist because they know now they're savvy. This NFT project could be big, and yet they know that artwork is worth money. Yeah, and I know you brought up this question before as well. And so we're going to figure out kind of what people can do with their NFT is I don't want to restrict anybody from doing anything, but we have to be smart about how people use it. Right? So let's talk a little bit about why you guys decided to do royalty because I definitely looked that at that. And when you guys came out with kind of the price point that you came out with and I said this is a very good option, not just because I like marmots not just because I like Chris and I like food, but also because, hey, that's like future earnings. Like that's pretty fucking silly, right? Yeah. I mean, hopefully it doesn't get to expensive to trade them because they're royalty that we're giving away is versus could be. I don't know how much it's worth. I mean, we don't really know. Like I said, we're just giving them away like we thought we'd like. That gives some people ownership of the project too, right? So anybody that's got an S M1 token, I mean, you want the project to do well, hopefully because that's your royalty as well, right? And like me, hopefully like I don't expect people to just own one. I'm assuming people owned more than one. So many people do. I think Austin on the other side of this owns several more motor, correct? Maybe, maybe, maybe not. He's not going to tell us. The food is not giving financial advice. He's not selling securities and he is just here talking about the project. Yeah, this is ma'am. It's like we're not I don't know, like NFTS are a very dangerous thing. I'm not going to deny that we have a very good jump on technology and we're offering something that nobody else in the NFT space is offering. We're furthering the technology so that, you know, NFT can be come more of a viable option for bigger things than just art. There's a lot more out there that you can do with NFT and just artwork. So that's why we're focusing a lot on the tools, right? Because that's a big part of it is that eventually, you know, art, the art NFT market could potentially be a bubble. And we want to make sure to be out that like, you know, its NFTS go forward through whatever. Like it's the next thing in ownership, digital ownership. So we're happy to be on the forefront of that for sure. That's one of our big things. That's sweet and I think that's a great place to kind of wrap it up. Thank you so much food for joining us today. And thanks guys talking to us about your project. I think we're very excited for, you know, all the future announcements and stuff and we'll see where this all takes us. Yeah. Thanks guys. I'm really enjoying the podcast. I'm glad that it's you two doing it and invite me on whenever sweet We will definitely have you back food. Thanks for doing this for the community out there and thanks for doing this for Chia. I think that a lot of people might not see that, but Chia needed a big project and you guys started with something silly, but damn it is something serious now. And I love that. And you pushing this has been something that I watch and I say this is motivational to a lot of other people out there thinking of getting into the Chia Cat ecosphere with offer files. This is this is amazing tech and you guys are using it. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Check us out at verse, start io my verse at Twitter and yeah, come join the fun because we have a lot of things planned and this is just a start. All right. So everybody make sure that you check this out. Check the links below in the descriptions. Thank you, Austin. Thank you. Food. And we will talk to you guys next time.